A quick google image search for¬†Boris Mikhailov, can’t get enough.

The Ukrainian artist Boris Mikhailov taught himself photography while working as a Soviet railroad engineer. Through his superimposed images he created an extraordinary double world of communist drudgery juxtaposed with sex and beauty. “This was a period of hidden meanings and coded messages in all genres,” he said. “Given the scarcity of real news, everyone was on the lookout for the smallest piece of new information, hoping to uncover a secret or read between the lines. Encryption was the only way to explore forbidden subjects such as politics, religion, nudity.” Each of the 55 images from his project Yesterday’s Sandwich - which was never shown officially during the Soviet era - comprised two overlaid colour slides, depicting everything from female nudes to surreal urban landscapes.

-Spectrum,¬†Sunday Times Magazine, August 26 2012

(Source: popphoto.com)